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Traveling as traditional tourists, students will spend three weeks backpacking through Europe touring major European cities.  The average day will be spent visiting major tourist attractions, eating in local restaurants, traveling by local transportation (Eurail and metro), and lodging in traditional European youth hostels.  The common bond of being away from home and traveling from city to city has regularly opened worlds of conversation with other college age travelers. In short, students will live life and learn what it means to have a missional mindset in an increasingly post-Christian world. On this trip, you will be learning how to share the gospel as you are going, applying the gospel to your own heart and life, and living the gospel out on a daily basis both here and there.  Only as your heart is transformed will you truly be able to love people to life with that gospel.


"YHM grew my empathy for people that are different from me while highlighting the common traits that we all have- most noticeably our intrinsic craving for purpose and truth. I’m confident as ever in the objectivity of truth, but have been grown in my ability to recognize how the application of truth can and should vary by culture. YHM really got the ball rolling for me in learning how to properly prioritize those things in letting truth (God’s Word and promptings) guide my engagement with culture, not the other way around. My empathy for nonbelievers and believers overseas has grown immensely, and gave me an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of ambassadorship and being a small part of a big picture."



We made a friend from Finland! Over the last day and a half we have been able to spend a lot of time with her. At the beginning of the day we had a conversation about what she believes and she said she is agnostic. We got to share the Gospel, and she asked why we believe in God. The conversation didn't go much past that UNTIL the afternoon! After going to the castle, we were sitting on the train together when she asked us WHY we read our Bible and HOW we know it's true. She told us that the community that she sees within our group is unlike any other she's ever seen. We got to explain to her how God's word and Spirit shapes our community and why we follow it and she responded with, "I think I've had a misconception about Christians, I used to think they followed God because they're scared of Him but it seems like y'all are following Him because you love Him." That's right!!! We got to share how it is a joy to obey and follow God's commands. She wants to read the Bible! Continue to pray for the Lord to open her eyes to who He is!


"Being apart of YHM was so refining, and a firsthand demonstration of the importance of living missionally. We got to meet tons of people very different from us, and learn how to minister and connect with them despite those differences. It was a beautiful way to seek people out and meet them where they were which is such a picture of what the Lord does for us! Upon returning to the states, I feel like I have a deeper understanding of how the Gospel connects people, and how to demonstrate that to others."

-Emma Jo

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