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Many people think of missions as something primarily relating to work overseas, but in reality there are many places in the United States with limited access to gospel-centered churches. Out of the 700,000 people living in Norfolk County, which includes the three towns with Life Community Church plants, less than 2% of people would identify as evangelical Christians. This is why we are passionate about partnering with our brothers and sisters at Life Community Church!


Our team lives together on a local college campus and spends off time together, but is divided into three smaller ministry teams - one for each town in the South Shore! Each team partners with one of the Life Community Church plants, which includes serving on Sunday mornings, joining a missional community, and volunteering at local outreach events.


Students spend their mornings serving with a local food pantry which provides a chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people of their town. Additionally, it provides opportunities for our students to form relationships with food pantry workers and volunteers, as well as with the people they are serving. In the afternoons, each team works on a missional strategy project called a “prospectus.” This involves researching a certain area or population of their town to help local workers understand how to effectively plant a church in an area or reach a specific population with the gospel. Students gather information about the geography, culture, and worldview of their assigned area or population, and then organize this information to present it at the end of the summer.


"GenSend changed my life because it showed me that I don’t have to move somewhere to be a missionary. If I’m a follower of Jesus, then I am called to be a missionary wherever I am. God also used my summer in Boston, however, to open my eyes to the incredible lostness there and the need for gospel workers. He put such a deep love in my heart for the people of the greater Boston area that I am in the process of moving there full time!”


"Being a part of GenSend this summer showed me believers in a different cultural context living every day on mission in their own backyard. The Missional Community I got to be a part of exposed me to people in recovery, who were constantly reminding themselves of how God loved and saved them. In response, they lived every day trying to be part of the amazing work God is doing in the city of Boston and in their own town, which was both beautiful and convicting. Living alongside the Church in Boston showed me how God is constantly at work all around us, and that perspective is something I’ll always treasure."



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