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Missions are important whether you’re in America or Europe. Missions is missions regardless of location. Each individual is equally worthy and deserving to hear the Gospel. Pittsburgh specifically is a city in the US that is so deserving and desperate for the Gospel. The number of christians in the city drops with each passing year, along with the number of churches. Which is why partnering with local churches in Pittsburgh is so important!


Students serving in Pittsburgh get an experience filled with opportunities to learn more about, and serve the amazing city of Pittsburgh. You’ll either be partnered with one of the local churches or with the SendRelief center. Both are amazing opportunities to serve the city and see how the Gospel is being spread in the Steel City. Specifically, Steel City Church is doing some amazing things in the city. They are seeking to grow and develop a college ministry that reaches students that go to both Pitt and Carnegie Mellon. They as a church body are passionate about college students, both lost ones and the discipleship of believing students.


Day to day for students changes throughout the week, but it always involves serving either the city or the planter you are partnered with. Whether it be working with a mission team to detail the planters cars, pick up trash, serve at a softball game, or even just painting a church building, there are many opportunities for students to get to serve community and the local church. Or your day could look like passing out water and popsicles to students on campus to better love on the students on campus. Pittsburgh is a great city to both work in and love on for a summer!

Contact with any questions about this trip or for more info

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