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This past year, our team in New Orleans was made up of twenty-one college students or recent graduates from a variety of schools across the southeast and beyond. They all lived together on the fifth floor of Cabra Hall in Uptown New Orleans. Eleven of them served in the neighborhood of Gentilly while the other ten served in the French Quarter. Both teams took public transportation each day to get to our neighborhoods. Those in Gentilly partnered with Immanuel Community Church, and those in the French Quarter partnered with Vieux Carre Baptist Church. Both are church plants that are deeply committed to loving and serving the city of New Orleans. Five days out of the week, the teams went into the neighborhoods to learn about the community and serve its people however we could. Each team worked to create a prospectus that was given to the church planters at the end of our six weeks there. The goal of this project was to compile everything that the teams learned about their neighborhoods to help the plants engage with the people and best convey the beauty of the gospel to them. 

New Orleans is a very beautiful and culturally rich city. Yet it is also an incredibly broken place with a lot of hurting people. Though it is a primarily culturally Catholic city, the soil is very hard. The team last year did not get to see a lot of fruit from our labor, but they did get to see the Lord do some incredible things. The call is still stands to till the soil. Going on this trip, you will learn about what it means to live missionally and fully reliant on the Spirit. Even in the midst of such brokenness, the Lord is faithful to His character. 

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