what is a missional community?

Missional communities are just what they sound like. Communities of people living on mission together. They meet once a week to study the word, worship, and share meals together. They also spend time going and making disciples together in Auburn. These groups are the heartbeat of our ministry and if you are looking to get connected to our faith family this is the way to do it. We’ve seen so much fruit in these groups and want to invite YOU to be in on what God is doing in and through them!

how to get involved

  • check your schedule

    MCs meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. Figure out which night of the week works best for your schedule.

  • join one

    Email Whitney to get added to a missional community HERE!

  • commit

    Missional Communities are a commitment. You will get the most out of it if you truly buy in to what they’re about. Trust us, it’s so worth it.

need more convincing?

check out what people have said about MC’s

"The importance of community and having other people to not only do ministry with but to hold each other accountable in all aspects of life. And the freedom that comes from confession. He taught me more about his character through the way that each person in my MC truly cares for one another and commits to fighting sin with each other."

"God taught me the power of his word, and that it is still living and applicable to my individual life, and life in community."

"My missional community became a source of gospel-centered rest and an environment to serve each other well every week."